Goju Ryu Centenary
October 5th - 13th 2015
Okinawa, Japan

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Event President:
Morio Higaonna Sensei, Goju Ryu 10th Dan, Living Intangible Cultural Treasure of Karate.

Morio Higaonna, 10th Dan Hanshi Goju Ryu, student of An’ichi Miyagi. Probably the best known karate instructor in the world, and the author of numerous DVDs and books on Goju Ryu Karate. Elevated to the status of, “Intangible Cultural Asset” of Okinawa in March 2013.

Senior Advisors:

Zenshu Toyama Sensei, Goju Ryu 10th Dan; …a student of Seiko Higa and Seikichi Toguchi, has been studying Goju Ryu karate for more than sixty years. He is also an accomplished artist, calligrapher, and writer. His seminars are notable for their content such as; self defense on the ground, small man versus large man, and traditional striking techniques as compared with modern.

Eiki Kurashita Sensei, Goju Ryu 10th Dan; Kurashita Sensei studied Shorin Ryu karate in his youth before traveling to the mainland to seek his fortune. On his return to Okinawa he trained with Seiko Higa Sensei, a student of both Kanryo Higaonna Sensei and Chojun Miyagi Sensei, and his student Seikichi Toguchi. After a successful career in automotive marketing he has focused on teaching Goju Ryu karate from his dojo in Urasoe, Okinawa.

Yoshio Kuba Sensei, Goju Ryu 10th Dan. Yoshio Kuba Sensei began his study of karate in Okinawa at the age of fifteen in the Shorei Kan Dojo of Seikichi Toguchi. He then attended Meijo University in mainland Japan where he studied pharmacology followed by acupuncture, returning to Okinawa at the age of 26. Kuba Sensei is well-known for his mastery of the applications of the Goju Ryu kata, and his ability to apply them to great effect. Being an acupuncture therapist undoubtedly gives him a advantage in this field. He owns and operates a medical clinic in Okinawa City specializing in the treatment of pain.


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This imposing memorial to Kanryo Higaonna and Chojun Miyagi stands in Matsuyama Koen, close to the Fukushu En Chinese  Garden. This is the area of Naha City that in the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom housed Okinawa's Chinese Community, often referred to as the “Thirty-six families.”


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