Our Seminars.
We hope that you will join us for our Goju Ryu Centenary event in October 2015, to experience first hand the quality of karate in Okinawa, the depth of knowledge of our senior Okinawan karate teachers, and the legendary courtesy and friendliness of the Okinawan people. Our seminars only cater to karate people, and are therefore about learning as much karate as possible, with the best teachers, in the shortest possible time.

Your instructors are chosen for their ability, experience, and character. We have known them all for many years and they, like us, believe that training should be enjoyable, productive, and rewarding.

Training in Okinawa with teachers of this caliber is the experience of a lifetime. It will not only improve your ability, but your overall understanding of karate as well. We not only have the best teachers, but one of the finest karate training centers in the world, located on an island that is known for its beaches, sunsets, food, and fun loving population.

Spring 2016: March 27 - April 4. Train at JKA World Headquarters in Tokyo and other Shotokan Dojo in the metropolitan area. Visit Kamakura to see the Gichin Funakoshi Monument at Engakuji Temple and the Giant Bronze Buddha.

Can I stay longer?
If you wish to extend your trip for sight-seeing etc. we can arrange for you to stay in the same hotel for the room fee only. The date of your return must be set when your ticket is issued, but can usually be any time within 30 days from your departure date, subject to seat availability. The quicker you sign up, the greater the choice of seats and dates.

What is my Cost?
$3,850 - This price is based on departure from Los Angeles, California, (LAX) - Tokyo, Narita - Naha International, round trip. If you will be starting your journey elsewhere in the U.S. or from Europe, South America, etc. we will quote you the most competitive rate available, and organize your journey so that you rendezvous with the rest of our members at Tokyo, Narita, airport for the last leg of the journey to Naha, Okinawa. (In the past three years we have had members travel from England, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, US, Mexico, Australia, Poland, Brazil, Kuwait, and Bahrein) As a guide, this year, 2015, it cost approximately $400 extra, (round trip), to travel to Okinawa from Ontario, Canada, and New York, Sydney, and London, when compared with the base price from Los Angeles, California.

What is Included?
Round trip airfares on Japan Airlines based on a departure point of Los Angeles International airport to Okinawa; transfer upon arrival from airport to hotel by private bus; One full day of supervised orientation, 10 nights in a business hotel (single occupancy) or self-contained apartment including local taxes; 5 full days training (10 x 2 hour seminars) with senior teachers at the Okinawa Budokan, including dojo and tuition fees. Transfer by private bus to the Okinawa City Budokan for training on day 2 of the seminars.

Optional Guided Tours...
…in a very modern, comfortable, and air-conditioned private bus, are offered at the remarkably low cost of ?5,000 per day (around $50 US) with the help of local sponsorship. Each trip take on average 8 hrs. and together they cover much of the island of Okinawa. Many of the sites visited are karate related, for example the memorial to Chojun Miyagi and Kanryo Higaonna, the stele erected to honor Gichin Funakoshi, the Chotoku Kyan home site, etc.

Certificates of course completion are issued by the Okinawa Karate-Do Rengokai at their discretion. In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and Spring 2014, as all participants completed every seminar, each was presented with a beautiful, personalized certificate in English and Japanese by the President of the Okinawa Ken Karate Do Rengokai during a graduation ceremony in the Budokan. Course completion is worth 20 hours towards Karate Kenkyukai Certification

How about Payment?
A deposit of at least 50% by cashier’s check or electronic transfer must be received at least 90 days before the departure date, with the balance one month later. When payment is received a ticket will be issued in your name, and you will also be added to the training register at the Budokan. It is ESSENTIAL that the name on your electronic ticket EXACTLY MATCHES the name on your passport, and that you supply us with your passport number and expiration date, as well as your date of birth to comply with airline security regulations. Please have this information ready when you reserve your ticket.

If I Cancel? 
In the event of cancellation up to 90 days before departure , we will return everything that we receive back from the airline and hotel companies, less a 10% handling fee. After that, only part of the hotel fee is returnable.

Terms and Conditions you should know about:
While every effort is made to minimize risk, we accept no liability for loss, damage, or injury whatsoever, however it is caused. Martial arts training is an inherently hazardous pursuit, and attendees accept this as a condition of attending these seminars. We strongly recommend that all attendees seek medical advice to satisfy themselves that their physical condition allows them to safely travel to and participate in these events, and that they purchase insurance to indemnify themselves against any and all injuries, losses, and liabilities.

Anything Else?
If you have a question we have not already provided an answer for, please e-mail or call us at the toll free number below and we will do our best to help you. We are available from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Mon - Sat, Pacific Standard Time. If you are a group, have special dietary needs, require special training, etc. its much easier if you contact us directly by telephone which is TOLL FREE in the U.S. 1 800 717 6288.



Q: Is there any special etiquette we should be aware of when training in Okinawa?

: Treat everyone as you wish to be treated, and you won't go far wrong. The Okinawans are very easy-going people, and extremely polite, but in a uniquely relaxed way. Don't walk in front of anyone in the dojo, especially seniors, and never sit so that the soles of your feet are pointed towards the instructors. If you are concerned about anything, please ask one of the CFA staff present for guidance-they are there to help you.

Q: What uniforms and belts do visitors usually wear in the dojo? 

A: Most people wear a plain white karate uniform with their name and style embroidered on it, the same as the instructors. I would also bring a clean towel to the dojo every day as even in springtime it is humid in Okinawa, and of course, bottled water. Grades are relatively unimportant in Okinawa at the level of instruction we offer, so wear the belt you normally do. 

Q: Can we stay longer than the seminar period?

A: Of course, and we encourage you to do so. You can go sight-seeing, train in private dojo, visit the outlying islands, etc. Just let us know when you sign up, and we will issue a ticket for the time you wish to stay, and also extend your stay at favorable terms in the same hotel if you wish. The airfare is by far the the largest item in the cost of your trip, so make the most of it.

Q: How much does it cost to train in private dojo?

A: All we ask is that when you train in private dojo you take a small gift, and give a small amount of money to one of the senior students of that dojo to give to the teacher afterwards. The Okinawans are not very money-orientated, it's the giving (and understanding their culture) that’s important to them, not the value of the gift. Of course, training in private dojo requires an invitation, something that we can help you with. If you go more than once, it is customary to pay the standard dojo training fee.

Q: Where is our hotel, and how do we get there when we arrive?

A: You will be met at Naha Airport by our staff, and taken to your hotel/apartment when you arrive. If you do not arrive with the main group, we will meet you and personally escort you to your hotel/apartment

Join us for the experience of a lifetime.

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