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Welcome to our web site. It has been established to bring you information on the traditional karate seminars that we organize in conjunction with the Okinawa Karate Do Rengokai, Okinawa Karate Kobudo Renmei, and Karate Do Kenkyukai  which are held each Spring and Autumn in the Okinawa Budokan (Hall of Martial Virtue) in Naha, Okinawa, Japan.

These events are very special in that they are taught by the greatest living masters of traditional karate to small classes in the purpose built martial arts headquarters of Okinawa (photo right). They are open to students of all styles and levels of ability—the only entry requirements are a desire to learn genuinely traditional karate, and a willingness to work hard. For Okinawan TV coverage of this event please go here.


Karate-Do Kenkyukai

Classical Fighting Arts magazine is the only professionally produced magazine to publish serious martial arts material exclusively. Supported by the best known and most respected writers and instructors in the world of genuine martial arts, it is published quarterly in the U.S., and distributed internationally. (

The Karate Do Kenkyukai Educational Foundation is a Private Charity registered with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) NPO (Non Profit Organization). Its specific objectives are the preservation and dissemination of information derived from the study of the military arts of Japan, China, and the Okinawan archipelago. (

Train With the Best and You Become the Best!

Minoru Higa, 10th Dan Hanshi
(Kobayashi Ryu)

The Karate-Do Kenkyukai and CFA magazine organize and sponsor these seminars at the Okinawa Budokan to allow motivated karate instructors and students to train with the best teachers in the world. This accelerates their progress and deepens their experience, while preventing or eliminating bad training habits that lead to ineffective karate technique.

Under normal circumstances it would not be possible to even meet these teachers, let alone train with them. However, CFA magazine and the Kenkyukai make it possible for you to study with them in small classes, and even receive personal instruction in their own private dojos.

There are no restrictions on style, experience, or grade for our seminars. Everyone is welcome to train at the birthplace of karate, with senior instructors. You will benefit from training in an atmosphere so friendly it could only be in Okinawa, and experience an island, a people, and a lifestyle you will never forget!




We would like to thank Dr. David Hooper of Waseda University for hosting our visit to the JKA Honbu Dojo in Tokyo on Sunday October 6th 2013; Mori Sensei-as the representative of the JKA management-for his gracious speech of welcome to the CFA seminar group, and Naka Sensei and Shimizu Sensei for their wonderful instruction and the amazing lunch that followed it. We enjoyed our visit and the first class treatment we received very much, the JKA gifts were the icing on the cake. Rest assured that we will be back!

“…Happy and grateful to have been part of this year’s seminars. It was indeed more than I had anticipated!”
— Robert O’Toole, Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada

“It was my first visit to Okinawa, but not my last. I discovered a unique combination of powerful training methods and amazing skills from the high ranking instructors and at the same time some of the kindest and most open minded martial arts people I have ever met.” — Jakob Skouboe-Bradenhoff, Copenhagen, Denmark 

“The combination of location, participants, subjects covered, not to mention the line up of teachers, checked every box for me…” Chris Denwood, Cumbria, U.K.

"A truly life-long dream was realized…I am eager to return." Warren Graham, NC USA

“Trip of a life time…hope to repeat it.” Mike Kwasigroch, Simi Valley, CA USA

“Thanks to you all for making the Okinawan experience one of the most awesome things I have done… We shared a remarkable journey. Rich Arter Medina, OH USA

“The Instructors were unbelievable. I have never met a group of people more humble, who have such good reason not to be!Ray Walter, St. Louis, MO USA

“This trip will touch your heart, your intellect, and your spirit. I appreciate the experience every time I put on my keikogi to train!Mike Galose, Toledo, OH USA

"If you have ever considered attending one of these events, DO IT! My wife & I just returned from Okinawa & would like to tell you that this trip was everything we had hoped for and much more. The CFA magazine team were extremely professional, helpful & accommodating. The seminars were the best I have attended, everything was as advertised. The prices were fair, there were no surprises, and the travel arrangements were perfect. It is not a matter of "if" we will return, but WHEN! Of course, we will again do it through CFA so we can know we will be satisfied."
Gerry Campbell Orillia, Canada, (Matsubayashi Ryu).

"When I started karate eons ago, I never thought I would get to train at its birthplace, and train with the Hanshi who had taught my Sensei. I wholeheartedly endorse what Gerry says about the experience. These are true Masters who are still living the talk with great passion, skill and humility. A privilege to have trained with them, and a privilege to have trained alongside an amazing group of truly dedicated karatekas. Arigato gozaimas!"
Chan Leng Sun, Singapore, (Shotokan).

"Kudos to the CFA magazine team on the organization and facilitation of the October 2012 Seminar. This was a life long dream to visit the birthplace of Karate, both David and Miyuki enhanced the experience. It was a very long trip, which including battling a Typhoon to get to Okinawa. David kept us informed and assured along the way, and when we landed he was there to greet us along with Higa Sensei and his wife. The moment I stepped onto the island of Okinawa I felt a sense of peace and calm. The hotel staff, merchants and Okinawan people are very courteous, gracious and helpful. The training was excellent, with each of the participating Sensei giving their take on the lineage they have followed with the message consistent message; “The only real battle is the battle with yourself.” It was remarkable to train with each of these men. They not only instruct the class but participate and each of them 65+ all the way up to 79 years old; talk about motivation! Each one of them made me feel welcome and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is serious about training." Cathy Campbell, Orillia, Canada, (Matsubayashi Ryu).

"I cannot say enough GOOD things about the CFA Karate Seminar experience. It was well organized with attention to the smallest detail. Training in the birthplace of Karate with highly respected and dedicated Grand Masters has opened the door to a new level of understanding and appreciation for the history. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who has martial arts in their blood. Just leave a space for ME on another trip soon!!! P.S. Also a great chance to meet other devoted martial artists from a variety of backgrounds and style whose energy and passion made the trip even more enjoyable." Donald Jackson Jr.,  Detroit, (Isshin Ryu).

"I lived an entire lifetime on this trip. It was so well executed. CFA put so much thought into every little detail, and are extremely responsive if you need anything. The instructors are of the highest caliber! Training with Morio Higaonna was unlike anything I've ever experienced. He is an excellent teacher who is chock full of information, funny, and incredibly nice! You'll be seeing me again for sure!" Mark Lewkovitz, San Francisco.

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Latest News


A New Page with full details of  the Goju Ryu Centenary 1915 - 2015 in Naha next year can be found here, There is also an application form that can be filled in on line and automatically submitted here. This is a very important event that should not be missed and at which the top Goju Ryu Masters in the world will be teaching.

More than 400 international students from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, the United States, and United Kingdom, have already graduated from this program and received certificates of completion. To satisfy demand from the international karate community, multiple seminars are now held every April and October.

The Karate-Do Kenkyukai...
...confirms that senior instructors will be available to teach at the Budokan in 2015. These include, but are not limited to: Morio Higaonna 10th Dan Hanshi Goju Ryu; Minoru Higa 10th Dan Hanshi Kobayashi Ryu, Seisho Itokazu, 9th Dan Konan (Uechi) Ryu, 8th Dan Matayoshi Kobudo; Yoshio Kuba, 10th Dan Hanshi Goju Ryu; Zenpo Shimabukuro, 10th Dan Hanshi Shorin Ryu; Hirokuni Yamashiro, 9th Dan Uechi Ryu; Tsuyoshi Uechi, 9th Dan Isshin Ryu Ryuko Tomoyose 10th Dan Hanshi Uechi Ryu, Tsutomu Nakahodo, 10th Dan Hanshi Uechi Ryu, Zenshu Toyama 10th Dan Goju Ryu, Takenobu Uehara 10th Dan Hanshi Uechi Ryu.

We will arrange private bus tours...
...of Okinawa again this year for our members. Please e-mail me with your requirements, specifically sites that you would like to visit: Shuri Castle, Tama Udun, Chojun Miyagi Memorial, Gichin Funakoshi Memorial, Fukushu-En Chinese Garden, Shikina En Royal Summer Palace, Itoman Peace Park, Ryukyu Mura, Gyokusendo Caves, Shuri Castle, Murasaki Mura, Manzanou, Churaumi aquarium, Motobu Native Village, Chan Mi homesite (Hijagawa Bashi), Japanese Imperial Navy’s Command Bunker, Seifa Utaki.

If you wish to train at the private dojos of senior instructors, please let us know well in advance. Most are rather small and can accommodate only a few visitors at a time.

2015 Budokan Spring Seminars
March 28th - April 7th

Goju Ryu Centenary
October 3rd -13th 2015

At the: Okinawa Budokan,
52 Onoyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan 900-0026

CFA Liason: David Chambers: CFA Magazine.
CFA Local Representative: Ms. Miyuki Uehara
CFA Int. Representative (in Japan, and only during the seminars) Tel 80 3991 5610

Help Line (U.S.) 1 405 BUDOKAN


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This imposing memorial to Kanryo Higaonna and Chojun Miyagi stands in Matsuyama Koen, close to the Fukushu En Chinese  Garden. This is the area of Naha City that in the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom housed Okinawa's Chinese Community, often referred to as the “Thirty-six families.”


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